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We have good news & sad news.

First the sad. The Stop Cafe will not be reopening. This Covid-19 virus has thrown the restaurant industry into a head-spinning loss. We are now included as one of its victims.


The good news is if you would like to enjoy Pies, Cookies, and/or Brownies (complete list below) you need to call 209-847-5991 at least 24 hours before you need them. You can then pick them up at House of Beef at 201 North 3rd Ave in Oakdale (use the Retail door).


We want to thank you so much for your incredible support throughout the seven months we had the opportunity to be open and serve you. Thank you too, David Halvorson, the owner of American Chevrolet. You are an amazing individual and a true role model. Your encouragement, support, and insights have been extremely valuable.


Available by order only!


Pies (serves 6-8)

Dutch Apple

Berry Cream Cheese Crunch

Pineapple Cream Cheese Crunch

Cherry Cream Cheese Crunch

Full Crust Apple

Full Crust Cherry

Full Crust Berry

Fresh Apricot (seasonal)

Fresh Peach Crumble (seasonal)


Cookies (1 to 100+, sold by each)

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lemon Cookies

Cherry Chocolate Chip Toffee


Brownies (serves 6-8)

A Slab of Chocolate Brownies – Dark Chocolate

A Slab of Chocolate & Cream Cheese Brownies

A Slab of Chocolate & Peanut